3 ways to get your message out

Today, it’s almost impossible to stay under the radar, even if you wanted to. But despite our glut of 24/7 communication options, it can still be challenging to make the right choices. For instance, people will watch a cat playing a piano and that might bump up your followers, but it won’t get your message across.

So, thoughtful distribution of your story is as important as the story itself. How do you get people to pay attention to your story, especially when there is so much competition? 

We have a plan for that. In fact, we have three tips that will help you get your message through to the people you want to reach.

1. Target a publication’s outreach to your audience

An eight or 12-page printed publication—one that contains professionally written stories and photographs and eye-catching design and graphics—allows you to explain your programs in detail with multiple compelling stories that help readers relate to your organization.

Depending on your unique situation, it might make sense to print the publication and mail it to specific zip codes or demographics, like California Conservation Corps did (they targeted age and income, for example, to reach people who might want to join the Corps). 

Or you might decide to insert your publication into local newspapers, as well as put copies in libraries and local offices, as the San Diego Office of Military and Veterans Affairs chose to do, targeting the large percentage of San Diegans who are current or former military members, some without good online access. 

Or you might want to distribute the publication digitally and print a limited number of copies—as the adult education consortium ADVANCE did, handing the printed copies out at a national conference in Seattle. 

2. Digital stories provide content for your existing online channels

Especially if you have ‘breaking news’ or changing circumstances, a series of digital stories allows you to be flexible, with the ability to change the focus or cover something relevant that pops up, like the Del Paso Boulevard Association did during the pandemic, when things changed day-by-day.

3. Make good use of digital links  

Your printed publication comes with a digital flipbook and mobile stories that you can link to in the same way that you have links to your digital stories. You can amplify readership by using the links in creative ways.

  • Embed the flipbook on your website so it can be read without leaving your site.

  • Drop a link in a Zoom chat.
  • Join an online conversation about the topic on Facebook, and put the link in your comment or post.
  • Embed a link on your website with a cool graphic.
  • Include links to stories in your e-newsletter.
  • Add a story link to your email signature.
  • And push these links out on your own social media platforms, including LinkedIn, which is geared to professional communication.    →  

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