Discover the Transformative Impact of Adult Schools

Stories about real people illustrate the impact of adult schools

Caixia Jiang poses in front of Torrance Adult School. Her story demonstrates the impact of adult schools.

Over the last ten years, N&R Publications has worked with dozens of adult schools and consortia across California. Our journalists write local stories that highlight how public adult schools have a huge impact.

For example, read about Caixia Jiang. She struggled with English, so she enrolled in English as a Second Language classes at Torrance Adult School. Later, she joined their Pharmacy Tech Program. She now works as a pharmacy tech at Walmart. To put this story in context: California needs another half a million healthcare workers. Stories like Caixia’s show how adult schools help meet this need. They’re making a difference statewide by training our healthcare workforce.

A treasure trove of 200 stories…

Recently, N&R Publications compiled about 200 of these stories on a website: The website is a valuable collection of real stories from students, teachers, employers, and adult school partners. You can find stories organized by region and topic.

On this site, potential students, teachers, employers and partners can learn about the life-changing benefits of adult schools. Their programs, taught by credentialed teachers, are just as good as those at expensive private schools, where students often go into debt to pay the hefty tuition fees.

Schools can use these stories in many ways

Working with us, schools get great stories they can use on their websites, in catalogs, and on social media. Real stories about local students, teachers, and employers are more engaging and more likely to be shared than generic content. It’s not just about the number of impressions; it’s about the impact of those impressions.

Jeff vonKaenel, President, CEO, & Consultant

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