Don’t Let the Flood Catch You Unprepared

Stay Above Water: Diving into Flood Preparedness Strategies

The Hell Hole Reservoir, pictured here, was overflowing in 2023, due to the wet winter, but extra water can be stored in local aquifers underground. Photo by Brie Anne Coleman/Placer County Water Agency
This agreement puts water away for dry years: Roseville and PCWA work together to bolster groundwater reserves.

Wherever you live, you are likely paying attention to weather forecasts right now. But how do you prepare for a possible evacuation–or worse? Well, for one thing, plan ahead. As Oscar Marin, the emergency manager for Yuba County, told us recently, “You don’t want to waste time during an emergency situation having to think about what to pack.”

In fact, N&R Publications helped his flood-prone county, just north of Sacramento, get this vital and practical advice out to readers this month–before the rain started to fall. And in 2023, N&R helped the City of Roseville swiftly pivot their water message: after years of drought in California, atmospheric rivers suddenly delivered a season’s worth of precipitation in a few days.

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