Connecting with Rural Communities

Photo by Ray Laager of N&R Publications

Let’s be real: When counties, towns and neighbors in rural areas are separated by miles of farmland, woodland and two-lane blacktops, it isn’t easy to spread your important message and be confident everyone gets it.

That’s why N&R Publications’ storytelling and distribution expertise is vital in connecting with hard-to-reach population pockets to deliver those messages and get results.

From California to Maine to Tennessee, our team of writers, videographers and graphic designers have proven they know how to capture and hold the attention of audiences in the most remote locations.

Compelling local storytelling

Everyone loves a good story, especially when it stars real people from their own communities. A great example is “Stronger Together,” a custom publication we composed for the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities. Read it here.

To complement it, our video services experts created an inspiring two-minute profile of Danny Dee Simmons, a man with developmental disabilities who grew up in a small farming community and is employed by a John Deere tractor franchise. Not only did the town watch the video, the filming itself was a big event.

Another option for enriching your publication is our animated video stories, such as the ones our team created for Tulare County Health & Human Services on mental health services available during the pandemic.

Custom publications are created by professional journalists who know how to tell stories that inform and entertain, and provide background, context and details to effectively communicate your message.

Targeted distribution

As for distribution, N&R Publications can identify hometown newspapers in any area, and insert your publications into those locally trusted sources. It’s a cost-effective approach with broad market saturation.

For direct delivery, we can target specific USPS carrier routes along with post office boxes, which are widely used in rural areas.

Remember, it’s your message, brought to light and delivered via our expertise.