Tips & tricks of being a better storyteller: Infographics and data visualization

We at N&R Publications are expert storytellers. We are writers, photographers and designers, and we understand that everyone needs a little extra help getting a message across clearly. That’s where the skills of our talented design department can bring clarity to even the most multifaceted story your organization struggles to tell.

Could data visualization help you communicate with your audience?

Does your organization offer a menu of options? Does your audience need to quickly understand a complicated idea with a flowchart? Do you want readers to understand benefits of your service through iconography? A picture is worth a thousand words, and infographics and data visualization are just some of the solutions we employ to better tell your organization’s story.

“You want to present multiple options
for people so they can choose what works
based on their needs.”

Katelynn Mitrano,
Publications Designer

Case Study: What toxic products are in your house?

Like many of our clients, Butte County Public Works needed to quickly and clearly communicate their message in order to affect a positive change. In their publication “Protecting Butte Together,” readers needed to be educated on the various household hazardous waste (HHW) items being disposed of improperly, which could lead to toxic environmental damage in the community. With a full-color, detailed, custom illustrated graphic in the center of their publication, readers could dive into the detailed example and instantly understand just how close to home this problem strikes – and how exactly to solve the issue – by utilizing Butte County-designated HHW drop-off centers listed in this publication.

How can we help? Let us know!

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