Environmental Issues in the Wake of the Election

New national political leadership brings the promise of a 2021-2024 era of major climate change action.

Three legislative household battery bills are currently being considered at the California State Capitol; new Tesla energy storage batteries are in sight in Texas; zero-emission automated vehicles are rolling on city streets; and wildfire preparedness through forest management remains a top 2021 priority. Climate change and environmental stewardship actions and revolutions will evolve rapidly over the next nine months of 2021, as we mask and vaccinate our way to a new life together.

Emerging technologies point to a clean water and clean air future with recycled glass and plastic turned into building materials, as well as electric vehicle battery recycling, solar panels recycling, and clothing/textiles reuse and recycling.

The biggest potential environmental revolution? Plastics reduction and recycling. For example, California State Senator Ben Allen leads the effort to address plastic pollution, which has become a remarkably high priority in this state for the 2021 legislative session.

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